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Decatur, Georgia, 30035
Phone: (404) 951-2128
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Founded in August 2007 in Georgia, Metro Geotechnical, LLC is a WBE, MBE and LSBE Dekalb professional services firm providing construction materials testing and environmental consulting services. As a minority subcontractor we provide services to other larger geotechnical and materials testing and engineering firms. Professionals at Metro Geotechnical approach each project with the same goal to provide our clients with exceptional service and value. Many of our clients appreciate our drive and flexibility in meeting their specialized needs, while keeping work on time and within budget.

We perform numerous types of on-site testing of construction materials as well as erosion control inspection . Our Services include:

  • On site soil density testing and monitoring of fill placement
  • On-site subgrade proofroll and determining weak subsurface areas
  • On-site testing of soil bearing capacity
  • On-site concrete testing in regards to slump, air content, temperature and placement location
  • Asphalt thickness and density testing
  • Erosion control Inspection
  • Soil stratification
  • Geotechnical drilling field supervison
  • Pile construction monitoring and supervison

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